The Wonderful Power of Cordyceps is Hot News - But Do the Scientists Agree?

Monday, July 11, 2016

I know everybody's talking about Cordyceps as some sort of miracle cure-all, but small talk doesn't interest me – I like facts. I want proper clinical trials and scientific proof before I start to take any notice! 

So, I set about doing my own personal research to see whether any trustworthy scientific studies had been done and this is a brief summary of what I found out:

Clinical research U.S.A.

The clinical studies done in the U.S.A. show the positive effect of Cordyceps as:

  • an anti-tumour, radio-protective and anti-diabetic medicine
  • helps the body combat non-small-cell lung cancer cells
  • improves kidney function in patients with chronic kidney disease
  • in medical use for fatigue, sexual dysfunction, coughs and as an immune-system stimulant
  • being internationally researched as an anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-infection medicine
  • Cordyceps also stimulated testosterone production . . .

Other clinical studies

In the scientific research trials already conducted in Korea and China, amongst many other countries, the following claims seem to have been well proved:

  • Enhances and strengthens the immune system
  • Increases the cells that fight off viruses and bacterial infection
  • Improves male sexual performance by stimulating the sex hormones
  • May also help with female infertility
  • Builds muscles and improves physical performance amongst athletes
  • Has anti-oxidant anti-ageing and fatigue-reducing properties
  • Promotes restful sleep and reduces anxiety
  • Improves respiratory function and helps against cough, chronic bronchitis and asthma because it relaxes bronchial walls and reduces inflammation
  • Gives more energy and vitality because it enhances oxygen uptake by all the body's cells to the benefit of your whole body system
  • Improves circulation, regulates blood pressure and strengthens the heart muscle because it enhances the entire vascular system

Sensible advice

Cordyceps is safe, with no side effects – but it hasn't yet been approved for pregnant or breast-feeding women or children.

Blood glucose should be monitored in diabetics using Cordyceps, because it lowers blood sugar. Cordyceps should not be used by those with myelogenous type cancers.

Scientific proof

In the last few years, our potential to prove has become incredible, so it's now possible to prove statistically if, how and why medicines work.  Cordyceps is one of those ancient wonders, valued for centuries by intelligent people - that's now gaining widespread scientific proof.

But will it help my running performance?

Well . . . only if you buy some and take it every day!

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