You lose if you don't snooze. The importance of a goodnights sleep

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Many people do not place a high enough value on rest.  Stress can be very damaging to our minds and our bodies.  We need to relax and contemplate things.  Workaholics are often in poor health and can be at times very bitter.  Did you know that Monday mornings typically have the highest incidents of heart attacks?  This can even be true if you enjoy what you are doing.  It is all about balance.


We need to take time out to recharge our batteries.  Though it might sound selfish, it is great to take some time out once and awhile and do things we like doing.  You can even include your family if you would like.  Board games, surfing the internet, curling up with a good book, cooking, working on a hobby, sleeping in and a hot bath are all good examples.  You should take at least 1 day per week to do these kinds of things.

You should also focus on getting 8 hours of sleep each night.  Most people do not do this and they are miserable the next day and cannot function at 100 percent.  Some people require more sleep than others do while some require less.  It is best to test different amounts of hours and then see what is best for you.  When you come up with an answer, try your best to stick with it.  It will be much easier on your body and you will have a much more positive attitude.

Those who are less stressed have lower blood pressure, can sleep better and often have a stronger immune system.  If you do not give your body time to rest you will be sick more often.  And remember that time is money.  So worrying less about money will actually enable you to make more money.

Believe it or not we also even need rest from exercise once in awhile.  Pushing yourself too hard can cause minor injuries to your body which may become more serious over a period of time.  Rest helps to prevent this.  Every 6 weeks is a good timeframe to rest from exercise for 1 week.  You will then be more motivated to exercise again.  When we exercise too much we start losing enthusiasm for it so be careful to watch for this certain sign.


It is also important to relax on a daily basis as well, take a little time for yourself to stop and smell the roses.  Do something you enjoy for an hour or so.  It really depends on your schedule.  If you find that you don't have time, make time.  Your health should be one of the most important things on your priority list.  You will then be around for your family and loved ones.

Most people exercise too much, especially with weights.  You only need to stimulate the muscles for a short period of time and rest.  You should only lift weights for an hour and a half a week at most and the results you will get will be quite measurable.  You will be more enthused, have more energy and most importantly have more time to rest and to do the things that you like.

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